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WiTi Anti-Theft is available with integrated GPS tracking and alerting for the ultimate peace of mind. WiTi has partnered with global leaders Quiktrak, and has integrated QuikProtect GPS Tracking and Alerting into WiTi Anti-Theft. This extends the functionality of WiTi Anti-Theft and provides mobile phone alerts via the WiTiGPS mobile app on Apple or Android if the alarm is triggered as well as real time tracking in the event of theft. 

Alerts are sent to your mobile phone when one of the following triggers occur.

  • WiTi Anti theft is triggered and the alarm runs for at least 10 seconds
  • Low voltage where the battery voltage drops below 11.5V
  • Battery disconnect - if the battery is tampered with or disconnected for any reason

In the unlikely event of theft the solution includes live tracking and recovery assistance where QuikTrak will work with the Police to assist with recovery of the caravan or trailer.

WiTi GPS is supplied with a SIM and does not require connection to a third party network provider. The WiTi GPS is network independent and will operate wherever mobile phone signal is available irrespective of service provider.

WiTi GPS has two service plans that can be selected when registering your device, QProtect and Track.
  • WiTi Track provides real time tracking and alerting and is connected 24/7 providing instant updates to the WiTi GPS App. WiTi Track has a subscription fee of $228 per year.
  • WiTi QProtect automatically checks and updates the location every 18 hours. This solution is designed for those travellers who tend to move and then stay in a place for a number of days before moving on again or for those users who have their caravan in storage for long periods of time where always on tracking is not a requirement. WiTi QProtect has a subscription fee of $49 per year.

Important Delivery Notice: We kindly request a valid physical address for all orders as we are unable to deliver to PO Boxes. Remote deliveries may take longer than 1-2 business days. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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