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WiTi GPS has two service plans that can be selected when registering your device, QProtect and Track. To complete registration you will require the IMEI number of the GPS unit. This is a unique identifier for your GPS. The number is located on the GPS unit which will be connected to the main wiring loom of your Anti-Theft System.

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    WiTi QProtect

    WiTi QProtect automatically checks and updates the location once every hour. This solution is designed for those travellers who tend to move and then stay in a place for a number of days before moving on again or for those users who have their caravan in storage for long periods of time where always on tracking is not a requirement. WiTi QProtect has a subscription fee of $49 per year.

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    WiTi Track

    The Track service plan is the complete tracking solution and the most comprehensive, providing the greatest visibility to ensure your assets are productive secure and safe.

    Track provides 24/7 coverage featuring location updates, driver behaviour, asset management & alarm notifications. You may also be eligible for a discount on your insurance if you use the Track service plan. WiTi Track has a subscription fee of $228 per year.