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How it works

WiTi incorporates an innovative and world first anti-theft device specifically designed for caravans, camper trailers or any trailer fitted with electric brakes.

"We decided to purchase WiTi as an after market item. We live in a dead end street with easy access to steal our van. We loved the idea that the brakes lock and can't be dragged. 

At 3:30am one Thursday morning, the alarm paid for itself when a young couple tried tampering with our van. No tools in hand but thought they would still try to break in. He tried getting in the door without luck, she unplugged the power cord. At this point, the alarm activated and all the lights flashed. They legged it down the road. They won't be coming back past our place in a hurry. 

Thanks WiTi for a product that the perpetrator was unaware we had installed, money well spent."

- Karen and Terry

  • diagram showing how witi gyroscope works

    Detects movement

    If an attempt is made to steal a caravan or trailer, WiTi will detect movement via a highly sensitive gyroscope. The system immediately applies the brakes to prevent the caravan or trailer from being towed.

  • Witi horn illustration

    Sounds an alarm

    Flashes all the external lights and sound a 105db alarm. The alarm will reset after 30 seconds and WiTi will re-enter monitoring, repeating the cycle if movement is detected again.

  • diagram showing how the witi motion sensor works

    Intrusion detection

    Includes Intrusion Detection to detect an attempted break-in. A Magnetic Door Switch and PIR Sensor will trigger the alarm if the door is opened or movement is detected inside the caravan or trailer.

Why choose WiTi?

We're passionate about the outdoors, that is why we understand what you need in every one of our products!

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Lifetime product support

You can rest easy knowing that our lifetime product support means that we are committed to providing ongoing assistance and service for our products for as long as our customers need it.

Witi manufacturing

Locally manufactured

Everything is manufactured in our factory in Joondalup, Perth, Western Australia. That way, we can ensure the absolute best quality is delivered to you

witi anti-theft system product add-ons

Unlock a whole new world of upgrades

The WiTi Anti-theft System is only the beginning. Now you are able to utilise all the features of our other products.

  • WiTi Brake Controller, the only device in its class designed to ensure a distraction free driving experience.
  • WiTi Wireless Towing negates the need for wires and cables.
  • WiTi GPS will give you peace of mind that you’ll be able to track your van, anywhere in the world.

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