witi wireless towing interface

Wireless Towing Interface

Upgrade your WiTi Anti-Theft System with the WiTi Wireless Towing Interface to unlock cable-free towing via a closed wifi network between the devices

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How it works

WiTi Wireless Towing Interface replaces the cables and plugs connecting a tow vehicle and trailer with an advanced wireless interface. Simply plug into the 12-pin connector on the tow vehicle and pair with the WiTi Anti-Theft System. Although we use wifi, WiTi is not dependent upon the internet and communication is point-to-point between the vehicle and trailer unit.

  • no more broken trailer plugs icon

    Removes the need for cables

    WiTi transmits all lighting and braking signals though wireless signals.

  • No more flashing LED lights

    WiTi Wireless Towing Interface supports all CanBus vehicles with advanced electronics. For example, VW Amarok & Toureg, Ford Ranger, Land Rover Discovery, Dodge RAM, Ford F150 and others.

man with a broken trailer plug for his caravan

Put an end to broken plugs

We live in a wireless world, so should your caravan! WiTi Wireless Towing Interface is the only device in the world that will ensure your lights work as they should every time.