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Wireless Towing Interface

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How it works

WiTi Wireless Towing Interface replaces the cables and plugs connecting a tow vehicle and trailer with an advanced wireless interface. Although we use wifi, WiTi is not dependent upon the internet and communication is point-to-point between the vehicle and trailer unit.

  • no more broken trailer plugs icon

    Removes the need for cables

    WiTi transmits all lighting and braking signals though wireless signals.

  • stop caravan flashing lights

    No more flashing LED lights

    WiTi Wireless Towing Interface supports all CanBus vehicles with advanced electronics. For example, VW Amarok & Toureg, Ford Ranger, Land Rover Discovery, Dodge RAM, Ford F150 and others.

Why choose WiTi?

We're passionate about the outdoors, that is why we understand what you need in every one of our products!

man with a broken trailer plug for his caravan

Put an end to broken plugs

We live in a wireless world, so should your caravan! WiTi Wireless Towing Interface is the only device in the world that will ensure your lights work as they should every time.

Witi manufacturing

Locally manufactured

Everything is manufactured in our factory in Joondalup, Perth, Western Australia. That way, we can ensure the absolute best quality is delivered to you

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Lifetime product support

You can rest easy knowing that our lifetime product support means that we are committed to providing ongoing assistance and service for our products for as long as our customers need it.

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Please note: European vehicles (VW Amarok, Toureg) and latest Ford (Ranger & Everest) require different resistance on the lighting circuits to prevent flashing lights and error codes. 

Please advise us using the following options which vehicle you have before ordering.