Our story

At WiTi, our story begins with two good mates, Tony and Andre, who shared a passion for camping and the great outdoors. On one particular camping trip, they found themselves frustrated with the need to fix cables and plugs when towing their caravan off-road. It was then that the idea was born – what if they could go wireless?

Sitting around a warm campfire with a bottle of red wine, Tony and Andre discussed the possibilities of a wireless towing and anti-theft system. Over the next couple of years, they dedicated themselves to developing the software and hardware required to bring their idea to life.

In January 2018, WiTi was launched to the market, and since then, it has become the leading Anti-Theft, Wireless Towing, and Wireless Brake Controller solution in Australia and New Zealand. WiTi is 100% Australian-owned and manufactured, and we are incredibly proud of this fact.

At WiTi, we design, develop, and manufacture our products in-house, from circuit boards to plastic enclosures. We use our own electronics assembly line, soldering mechanically and manually, and injection molding machines to manufacture plastic moldings for our products. By manufacturing locally, we can maintain a very high level of quality and are confident in offering a lifetime warranty on our products.

We believe that manufacturing in Australia has many benefits, including quality control and flexibility. It allows us to adjust to rapidly changing market conditions and react quickly to increasing demand for our products. We are passionate about camping and the outdoor lifestyle and want to become a global leader in this industry. Currently, WiTi is a world-first for the caravanning and leisure industries, and no similar product is available anywhere else in the world.

Leisure Technologies exports WiTi to New Zealand and is investigating future opportunities in the US market. As a Campaign Supporter of the Australian Made Campaign, we are proud to display the Australian Made logo on our products. We believe that supporting local businesses and investing in Australian intellectual property development is crucial for growing Australia's manufacturing capacity and capability.

Our journey began with a simple camping trip, and we continue to enjoy spending time around warm fires with good red wine. Our love for the outdoors and dedication to quality manufacturing has led us to become the leading provider of wireless towing and anti-theft solutions in Australia and New Zealand. We look forward to continuing our journey and meeting like-minded individuals out there in the great outdoors. Journey simply with WiTi.

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